16 players will battle in a gender skill division with only one player leaving triumphant as the Paddle Royal Champion.

Each gender skill division will be divided into 4 Pools.  If you beat up competitors in your Pool in Round #1, then you’ll advance to fight on in Round #2. The strongest 4 players from Round #2 will remain to battle it out in Championship Round #3. The player with the most wins in Round #3 will be the Paddle Royal Champion!!!

Each gender skill division will take up to 3 hours to complete. Pballers will play a minimum of 3 games and a maximum of 9 games. Every game will be timed to last 15-minutes.

All games played at Tryon Park (Greer) —  MAP

Registration will begin in late August. $30 per player.

Click below for a detailed PADDLE ROYAL tournament format explanation.


Unsure of your skill level?
Use this Self-Rate Skill Level Guide.


Charity partner

The PADDLE ROYAL is a charity tournament benefitting Adaptive Pickleball.

Adaptive Pickleball is a Greer, South Carolina based 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to bringing the game of pickleball with diverse-abilities (physical, cognitive, and developmental challenges). All proceeds from the RUMBLE will help Adaptive Pickleball host more Pickleball Play Days, reach more communities and purchase much needed equipment including more sport wheelchairs (approx. $3,800 each).


Explain how the Paddle Royal format will work.
16 players will be divided into 4 Pools based upon gender and skill level.

The four players in each Pool will compete in 3 timed games to 15 minutes. Players will switch partners after each game. Every player will compete with and against the other three players in their Pool.

The 2 players in their Pool with the best win/loss record in Round #1 will advance to Round #2. (In the event of a tie, the player with the best point differential, points won minus points lost, will advance.)

The format continues until four players remain in a Championship Round (Round #3). The player with the best win/loss record will be the Paddle Royal Champion!!!!!

Why timed games to 15-minutes?

To complete a gender skill division bracket within a 3-hour window, each game will be times to last 15-minutes. Every division will play 3 games in each round for a total of 45-mins of game play per round. 3 rounds of play are needed to determine a Paddle Royal Champion for each gender skill division bracket.

Will the timed games be scored to 11 or 15 points?
Neither. Every 15-minute game will have Unlimited Scoring. Our format will use traditional side-out scoring. After 15-minutes, the score could be 21-16 or 17-12 or possibly 10-6. You play and keep score until time runs out.

Do I sign-up to play with a partner?
No. You sign-up as an individual player and you compete as an individual player.

What is the difference between the Morning Sessions and the Evening Sessions?
The Morning Sessions should appeal more to players 50+ in age. The Evening Sessions should appeal more to players under 50.

Can I play in the both the Morning and Evening Session for my gender skill level?
Absolutely. Double dip all you want!

When can I register to compete?
Registration will begin in late August. $30 per player.

I have more questions to ask.
Contact John Moore with your questions. Send him an email or give him a call/text (512.633.4086).